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Geno von dem Feuerhaus


Geno von dem Feuerhaus, Geno, is form our G litter between VC Crystal Oakley Hanz Zircon MH UT1 RDX HR and Arrow Symmetra NA3 UT2 (Mae), that whelped on Dec 1, 2022. He was one of 2 puppies, with such an exceptional breeding, knew I had to keep one. Geno is a large black roan. He is the laziest dog I have ever met. But don't let that fool you. He started retrieving ducks and pointing birds at 6 weeks old. He has one of the best-off switches you could ask for. He's known for dragging a blanket outside to lay on. That way he can be outside, but also be comfortable.

Geno started showing in AKC around 6 months old. He won his age group in each show that weekend. He needs some time to mature before entering the ring to continue his journey towards being an AKC Champion. He is currently prepping for his NAVHDA Natural Ability test in December 2023. I have high expectations for this boy!

We haven't hunted any wild birds yet with Geno. His first season is this fall. But he did get to tag along for early teal season in 2023 and shag some dove. He has a beautiful natural retrieve to hand. I never even have to leave my chair. He slept in the duck blind until the guns started going off and then he was very excited to retrieve some ducks! I shot a limit of teal over him on our first trip out together. I cannot wait for more trips in the future!

Geno is a slower maturing dog, so I am not pushing him to accomplish titles while he is so young. I hope to get a JH on him in the fall of 2023. As soon as we get some GSPCA water test in our area, we will be working towards those as well. Stay tuned for what Geno has in store!

Geno Pedigree.jpg

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VC Crystal's Oakley Hanz Zircon MH RDX UT1 HR


OFA Results: Pending

Genetics Panel: Pending

DOB: 12/01/2022

Country of Origin: United States

Height: 26 Inches

Weight: 80 Pounds


NAVHDA Physical Attributes: Pending

Coat: Medium Dense/ Medium Harsh

Eyes: Normal

Teeth: Normal

Temperament: Normal

OFA Results:

Hips: Pending

Elbows: Pending

Cardiac: Pending

Eyes: Pending

Thyroid: Pending

Paw Print Genetics: Pending

NAVHDA Titles:

Natural Ability Prize 1 112 Points

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