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Conan Haus Irbis


Conan Haus Irbis, or Luka, imported from Romania in December 2021. He has a very goofy personality but very serious when it comes to working. He is a close ranging dog with a lot of point and a natural caution on birds. He has a natural retrieve on land and in water. He passes these traits on to his puppies. 

Luka passed his NAVHDA Natural Ability test in April of 2022 with no training, other than a gun intro. He walked away with a prize 3 and 97 points out of 112. I have started his utility training and hope to see him in utility during the fall of 2023. 


Click on pedigree to zoom in.

luka dad.jpg

Aran de RegiumBac


amy conan haus.jpg

Conan Haus Amy


DOB: 05/05/2021

Country of Origin: Romania

Height: 25 Inches

Weight: 60 Pounds

NAVHDA Physical Attributes: 

Coat: Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Eyes: Normal

Teeth: Normal

Temperament: Normal

OFA Results:

PennHip: LH .23 RH.29

Elbows: Pending

Cardiac: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Thyroid: Pending

Paw Print Genetics: Normal/Clear

NAVHDA Titles:

Natural Ability Prize 3 97

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