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Ember von dem Feuerhaus


Ember von dem Feuerhaus, or Imori, is a product of our kennel from the "E" litter. I knew at 5 weeks old, that this was the puppy I had to keep. She was dragging a towel across the yard and over a concrete ledge, never dropping it. Her determination was something special. At 6 weeks old she was pointing live birds and at 7 weeks she was starting to point off of scent in the field. She has a beautiful natural point and a lot of intensity. 

Imori hunted her first season in Kansas at 5 months old. She tracked and relocated a pair of pheasant, producing a hen and a rooster. She also spent her first season in south Texas hunting wild quail and making a great hand on waterfowl! On her first duck hunt she would bring the ducks straight to my feet. She shows a lot of promise for such a young dog!

Imori tested in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 4 months of age, receiving a very high prize 2 with 108 points! Not only is this little dog an amazing hunter, but she also has great structure. Her debut into the AKC show ring was in March of 2023 at 9 months of age. In her first weekend of showing, she won her age group in 4 out of 5 shows, pulled off a Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, and an Owner Handled Best of Breed! Bringing home some points and a major in a very competitive group of dogs! There is nothing this dog can not do! 


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Conan Haus Irbis

Astrid vom Holdvogt

DOB: 06/04/2022

Country of Origin: United States

Height: 22 Inches

Weight: 40 Pounds


NAVHDA Physical Attributes: 

Coat: Dense/Medium Harsh

Eyes: Normal

Teeth: Normal

Temperament: Normal

OFA Results:

Hips: Pending

Elbows: Pending

Cardiac: Pending

Eyes: Pending

Thyroid: Pending

Paw Print Genetics: Pending

NAVHDA Titles:

Natural Ability Prize 2 108

AKC Titles:

Owner Handled Best of Breed

Jr Hunter: 2/4 Passes

11 Points & 2 Majors Towards CH

1 Point Towards FC

Dock Novice

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