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Here at Dem Feuerhaus Gun Dogs, training is a passion of ours. We specialize in gun dog training, working retriever, and pet obedience. Whether you have a family pet, hunting dog, or competition/hunt test dog, we can provide the right training for you and your dog. We are a small facility and only take on 5-6 dogs at a time to ensure quality training for each dog in our care. Below is a few of our programs offered. None of these are a "one size fits all" type of program. We understand that each dog is different, and we train the dog in front of us. Please reach out to us if you have any questions regarding our programs.

  • Basic Obedience 

This is typically a 1–2-month course. Dogs learn basic obedience commands such as sit, come, place, kennel, and heel. They also learn off-leash manners and will be e-collar conditioned. ​

  • Started Gun Dog

This course is typically 2-3 months depending on the dog, some even going into 4 months. All dogs will start off with basic obedience, with the addition of "whoa" before moving on to bird training. A started dog is one who will search for birds, point, breaks at the flush, acclimated to gun fire​, and if they have a natural retrieve, this can be shaped. There is no force fetching in the started dog program. These are usually first year dogs. 

  • Broke Gun Dog

A broke gun dog is one that is steady to wing, shot, and fall, with a retrieve to hand. This is not a course you can put a time limit on. It takes as long as it takes, which varies from dog to dog. These are NOT first year dogs. ​

  • Retriever Dog Training

We lay heavy on obedience for the retriever dog. Force fetched and your preference of breaking at the shot or steady until released.​


Whatever your style is, we have you covered. We can also help with hunt test prep like NAVHDA and AKC. I am currently an apprentice judge with NAVHDA and working towards obtaining full judge status. We offer handling in these as well. I have traveled all over the country running my dogs at the utility level of NAVHDA and working towards master hunter titles on my personal dogs.

Birds are included in our monthly rates. If a dog needs excessive amounts of birds, these will be billed at the end training before dogs go home. Ducks are NOT included in the monthly fee. You will be required to bring food, flea & tick, and heartworm prevention for your dog. We also require proof of vaccinations before allowing a dog on our property. 

Our facility is setup for indoor/outdoor access with large runs. You are welcome to bring a raised bed for your dog, nothing with stuffing will be allowed. If the weather is cold, we have a wood burning stove in the kennel that keeps the dogs plenty warm. In the hot summers, exhaust fans help pull the hot air out of the kennel to help keep the dogs comfortable. Every dog in our care is considered family and treated as such.

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