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Thena von Twisted Point


Thena vom Twisted Point is a half-sister to Hannah. She has a lot of the same qualities as Hannah. Thena is very calm in the house with all the go you could want in the field. She has a high head and a high tail when on point and an exceptional nose. She is a mid-ranging dog with a natural retrieve, and a natural caution on birds. Thena is from a linebreeding from the Eto'o of Rajkov Djuro, Serbian dog. Only time can tell us what this girl can really do!

Thena ran her NAVHDA Natural Ability test in November of 2022 at the age of 14 months. She came out with a Prize 2 and 107 points.

Health testing for Thena will be completed in fall of 2023 to prepare for her first litter in 2024.

Thena Pedigree.jpg

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Fritz von Magic City


Dakota of Rajkovic Djuro

DOB: 09/23/2021

Country of Origin: United States

Height: 23 Inches

Weight: 50 Pounds


NAVHDA Physical Attributes: 

Coat: Medium Dense/Medium Harsh

Eyes: Normal

Teeth: Normal

Temperament: Normal

OFA Results:

Hips: Good

Elbows: Normal

Cardiac: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Embark Genetics: Normal/Clear

NAVHDA Titles:

Natural Ability Prize 2 107

Utility Prep Test Prize 2 153

AKC Titles:

Jr Hunter: 1/4 Passes

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