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Dem Feuerhaus Gun Dogs

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Dem Feuerhaus Gun Dogs is a small kennel located about 35 miles west of San Antonio in Hondo, Tx. We primarily breed imported and European bloodlines, selecting from only the best American lines to outcross too. We strive to preserve the German Shorthair breed for what it was intended to be, and that is a versatile hunting dog. The gsp is so much more than "just a quail dog". We stand behind what we produce. Our goal is to produce the perfect dog for hunting and an amazing family companion.  To us the "perfect" dog is one who is a bold and confident hunter, one that will hunt up close for the foot hunter or hunt wide and big for those who use rigs, one that can track a deer in the morning, point upland birds in the evening, and water retrieve ducks the next day, a dog that loves his job but also loves sitting around the fire with his family. We hand pick our dogs from world class bloodlines to breed and produce top quality dogs that are bold, confident, intelligent, eager to please, natural hunters with an off switch to make great family dogs and hunting companions.

About Us

Dem Feuerhaus Gun Dogs is an up-and-coming, small family breeding and training operation located about 35 miles west of San Antoino. We have selected some of the best working and show lineage from around the world to produce excellent dogs for the field and show ring. We take pride in our breeding program and strive to raise only the best purebred well-bred NAVHDA registered German Shorthaired Pointers. Our dogs are not only great hunters, but they also make great companions. Our breeding stock are health tested and free of any hereditary diseases that could be passed onto offspring.

Our name, Dem Feuerhaus Gun Dogs, was created to honor our passion for firefighting and our love for our dogs. We are part of multiple volunteer fire departments in our area, where my fiancé Tyler, is the Captain on one and Assistant Chief on the other. He has been a professional firefighter for The Texas Forest Service and fighting fire for the past 17 years. Our foundation stud, Ruger, has been accepted as a member of our hometown department. He has been to many fires with us and loves riding in the trucks.


Ammo Gunner von dem Feuerhaus NA I 112

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Ambrosia von dem Feuerhaus TKN NA II 106


Annie Oakley von dem Feuerhuas NA I 110


Ember von dem Feuerhaus NA II 108 DN

NN Ace von dem Feuerhaus NA II 103 TKE VHMA


Feyra von dem Feuerhaus NA I 110


Gaia von dem Feuerhaus JH NA III 104


Dakota von dem Feuerhaus NA II 108


Renay Thomas & Tyler Rich Owners

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